Team placements take place for all of our All-Star Teams and allow members to compete in teams of similar ability. During the team selection athletes are allowed to show us the skills they have already developed and coaches look for their potential to learn new skills. Athletes are usually given a number of opportunities to show their skills to the coaching team.

After the team selection days the coaching team meet together to assemble teams for the new season. We work together to select teams that have the best possible chance of a successful competition season. After teams are selection, you will be contacted by a member of the coaching team and informed of the decision and the new training times for the athlete.

For the 2016/2017 season we are limiting the number of cross-overs (where an athlete competes for 2 or more teams) in most cases athletes will only be placed onto one team, the team best suited to their skill level. In exceptional cases an athlete may be invited to cross over into another team.

Team placements do not take place for All-Star Prep Teams where new members are always welcome to come along and have a try.