Our journey began in 2006, when Rachel Lynch set up a small dance school, looking to offer something different for young people in the area. As her recreational cheerleading classes become more popular the South Tyneside Cheerleading Classes was born (STCA). From the very beginning the club saw a huge success gaining various national titles in the 1st season alone.

The club continued to grow in both achievement and numbers which lead to former athlete Kimberley Sayer joining Rachel as co-partner in 2010. The community Cheer Cats programme was developed in Newcastle and continued to further increase opportunities for young people in the North East.

The popularity of the sport was apparent as STCA and Cheer Cats saw a huge increase in the demand for cheerleading in schools, community and at a competitive level. Meaning it was time to expand our coaching team. In 2013 it was time for another one of our athletes Stacey Howden to join the management team as the 3rd partner in the programme. Having coached all the community classes and successfully developed the Newcastle branch into a competitive team, Stacey also took the lead in the clubs tumbling programme.

Over the past 10 years we are proud of the achievements of the club and what our athletes have achieved. However as we move into our 10th season we have decided that we want to move forward with one team name which represent the growth of the company. From September 2016 STCA & Cheer Cats will combine together to be North East Cheer Allstars, our company motto is “Making Athletes Shine”